In-House Training

Excel Apparatus offers a variety of training opportunities annually. Our brand new classroom provides us with the chance to further educate our technicians and our customers. If you have an interest in any training please contact us today!


Fundamentals of DC Operation and Repair Tips – 2 day course

The seminar will cover DC machine theory and operation, as well as repair tips. Topics will include testing and winding of armatures, fields, Interpoles and compensating windings, machine work, balancing, assembly and final testing. The theory portion is structured so that it can be grasped by entry-level personnel, while the overall material is in-depth enough that those with 30 years of experience or more will benefit.

Fundamentals of Pump Repair – 2 day course

The seminar will cover the common repair procedures for centrifugal pumps, including submersible pumps, vertical turbine pumps, single-stage end suction pumps and split case pumps. The procedures are also applicable to other style pumps. For each type of pump, the inspection, disassembly, evaluation, repair and reassembly functions are presented. General pump test procedures will also be discussed.

Principles of Medium and Large AC Motors – 2 day course

The seminar and its companion second edition manual, was originally produced by Austin Bonnett, EASA’s education and technology consultant, in collaboration with EASA’s Technical Support Specialists.  While the course covers horizontal and vertical squirrel-cage induction motors in the 300 to 5,000 horsepower range, low- and medium-voltage, most of the principles covered apply to other sizes as well. This manual focuses primarily on NEMA motors.

Pump Reliability – 2 day course

The most common machine to be driven by an electric motor is a pump. Centrifugal pumps are by far the most common devices for moving industrial liquids of all types. A thorough understanding of the design, implementation and maintenance of centrifugal pumps is essential for those working in the electric motor repair industry. This seminar provides the practical knowledge service center personnel need to address customers’ pump-related motor issues, and the broader opportunities for pump maintenance, system optimization and energy savings.

Root Cause Failure Analysis – 2 day course

One of the most important factors to consider when repairing motors is to understand why they failed. This seminar will focus on common as well as unusual types of failures broken down by components.  This seminar is intended for anyone interested in understanding motor failures, and those who want to serve customers by addressing the cause of failure rather than the symptom. An extensive resource manual includes hundreds of photos of a wide range of failures, with the likely causes listed, and a clear methodology for confirming the probable cause of each failure. Each student will also receive a CD-ROM containing a PDF version of the manual with almost all photographs in color.

Pump Curves/Applications:  Installation and Troubleshooting – 1 day course

Variable Frequency Drives, Specification, Installation and Operation – 1 day course


If you do not see a class that sparks an interest in our list, please feel free to make a request in the box below.


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